Razor Mach3® / Cocobolo

Manufactured and assembled by hand in our workshop in Thiers (63), each piece is realised following a manufacturing process of 15 successive manual steps. The essence of wood declined on the body of the razor is selected with care according to its nuances, its hue and its drawing.

The Mach3® razor is the best-selling mechanical razor in the world. Its 3 blades and its lubricating band allows a smooth shave, fast, and without irritation. It will adapt perfectly to the daily shave as on a beard of 3 days.

Interchangeable Blades Gilette Fusion ™ | 3 lubricated blades | Weight: ≈ 60g | Stainless Steel Chrome Finishing

Shaving stand for razor:

Data sheet

Gillette® Mach3®
≈ 60g
Stainless Steel Chrome