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Towel Gentleman Barbier

Towel Gentleman Barbier

Ideal for towel warmers. Once wet and warm, place your towel on the shaving area. It allows the skin to expand and increases shaving efficiency.

Honing Belt Honing Belt

Honing Belt

Made of Brazilian cow leather, it is essential for the care and sharpening of the blades of your straight razor. Use with the Sharpening Stick.

Stand for Razor & Shaving Brush Razor & Shaving Brush Stand

Razor & Shaving Brush Stand

Fits all three types of mechanical razors (Security, Mach3® and Fusion®) Your shaving brush must be dry upside down. Thus, the excess water out of the hair and allows it to persist in time. The holder also allows you to store your shaving equipment in style.

Stand for Razor Razor Holder

Razor Holder

Gentleman Barbier® Shaver Holder. Made of chrome-plated stainless steel. Do not fit with inox safety razor (ref : 87RGB and 97RGB)

Dorco Prime · Razor Blades x10

Dorco Prime · Razor Blades x10

Traditionnal razor blades - Dorco Prime Platinum > Suitable for Safety Razors and Shavette Razors> Double edge> Suitable for beginners, and traditionnal shaving> 10 blades per box > Made in Vietnam

Shark® Platinum · Razor...

Shark® Platinum · Razor Blades x5

Traditional Razor Blades - Shark Platinum > Suitable for Safety Razors and Shavette Razors> Double edge > Shark blades are know for their softness> Shark Platinum blades are fortified ans sharper> 10 blades per box> Made in Egypt

Lames Tiger® x5

Lames Tiger® x5

Fits for security razors and Shavette razors. Double-edged. Packaging by 5 blades. Made in Tcheque republique